Stonehenge replicas and derivatives

Más fotos y lugares Stonehenge replicas and derivatives
Stonehenge AltarStonehenge American StyleStonehengeSam Hill's StonehingeStonehenge at MaryHill1987 Stonehenge Monument - Maryhill, WashingtonOriginal 1910 Sam Hill Canyon Road with masonry walling...just as Sam Lancaster had designed it!Solstice SunriseMasonry walling along canyon road...this is where Sam Hill practiced road-making in 1910-12 before he moved on to the Columbia Gorge HighwayStonehenge at Maryhill, WAColumbia R from Stonehenge 2008.09.07Mt. Hood from hwy 14 WAStonehenge in AugustThe last of the Autumn harvest - Color!OrchardMt. HoodFrom Stonehenge...Original 1909 fire hydrant from Sam Hill's proposed Maryhill town siteColumbia River, Maryhill, WAOriginal 1909 fountain in front of rehabbed Maryhill townsite Stone Store
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